The Real Estate Pro’s Perfect Facebook Fan Page – Part II: Optimizing Your Page

We last discussed the benefits of a Facebook Fan Page for your business.  Now, let’s create and optimize your page!

To create a page, just type “pages” into Facebook’s search area (at the very top), hit ‘enter’ and you’ll see the Create a Page button at the top right.  Click on it and then click on whichever box best suits your business or brand.  Fill in all the relevant information and click on the Get Started button.  Then, just add a photo, create and upload content and invite friends to ‘like’ your page.

It’s that simple to create a fan page, but for it to be effective, it’s crucial that your page be fully optimized.  There are several elements of your page upon which you should focus attention:

1. Content – As with all social media sites, the content you post has to be enticing in order to build your fan base.  Industry information delivered in a timely manner works well – i.e. hot new property listings in a specific area, etc.  You want to engage your fans and keep them coming back for more.  Post pertinent information that is of benefit to your customers.  Remember, it’s not about you, but about what you can do for them!  Update often to keep it relevant, informative and interactive.

2. Profile Photo – This photo, located at the top left corner of your page, will function as your logo and will be your principal branding component.  The profile photo should be visually enticing as it needs to grab the viewer’s attention as well as define your business.

3. Profile Thumbnail – Your profile photo thumbnail is the icon which appears beside your page posts, including posts on other pages (when you comment from your page).  Ensure that you edit it so that its composition is reflective of effective visual branding.  To edit your thumbnail:  Scroll over your profile photo and click on Change picture.  Click the Edit thumbnail link under the image in the Profile picture screen.  Then, just click and drag the image to your satisfaction and click Save.

4. Featured Photos (the Photostrip) – This area offers you a prime opportunity for visual branding! Whenever you upload a photo to your page, it’s automatically added to your featured photo feed (the strip of 5 photos at the top) and the position of these photos changes each time someone lands on the page.  It’s therefore essential that, since you’ll be using these photos for branding, you ensure the branding imagery maintains consistency irrespective of the order in which the photos are viewed.  This is a prime location for you to showcase homes that you are currently selling or homes that you have recently sold.  Ensure that the photos complement each other and don’t visually clash.

5. Tabs – Other than just your default tabs, it’s essential to create a “Welcome” tab for new visitors.  Other significant tabs for you to consider can include: reviews, videos, photos, a discussion board, events, etc.  A good idea is to create a “freebies” tab visible only to fans of your page.  Of course, it’s essential that you offer a ‘sneak peek’ of this tab to non-fans as well in order to get them to become fans.

6. Innovative Ways to Interact with Customers – Encourage Feedback – Again, you want to engage fans and ensure that they enjoy visiting your page.  One example of how you can do this is to periodically post questions so that they appear as polls that your fans can participate in and comment on.  Just click on Question in your Share menu, type in a question and click on Add Poll Options. If you want to allow others to add options as well, ensure the Allow anyone to add options box is checked.   You can choose who sees your question by using   .    Then, just click on Ask Question.

Also, ensure that your page encourages discussion and that you listen and respond to feedback from your fans promptly.

7. Monitor Feedback – In order to repeat success and limit failure, it’s imperative that you keep track of what’s working and what’s not on your page.  Facebook provides a built-in way for you to monitor the activity – just click on Insights (at the left of your page) and a wealth of valuable information will appear. (Please note that Insights data are typically available within 48 hours of posting and that, for privacy reasons, Insights are available only to pages with greater than 30 users who ‘like’ the page.)

For more tips and tricks on optimizing your Facebook fan page, why not join one of our informative Social Networking for Business workshops?  We’ll show you how to create a fan page with maximum impact and so much more!  For a list schedule of workshops in your area, please visit:


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Doug Mack has been providing consulting and training services to the real estate industry since 2006. Specializing in computer related services and tools, Doug is the owner of DM & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in training and computer services to real estate, insurance and mortgage groups. Recently Doug founded online e realty, a firm specializing in Social Media.
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