If you buy a condo at the foot of Bay Street in downtown Toronto, are you not aware that you’re buying in the heart of the action and that nightlife will be a significant factor of your everyday life?  It’s a well-known fact – Harbourfront is happening.  If you decide you want to buy to be within the hub of the action, how on earth can you logically complain when you’re, well, in the hub of the action??   

A recent article posted on thestar.com cited this very issue, mentioning that, due to a rash of complaints by a “small but loud” minority of people, one of the prominent organizers of Harbourfront Centre’s activities is actually considering packing it all in.

The question is:  Is this fair to everyone else enjoying the nightlife and the activities?  And, what about the lost revenue to the City of Toronto should the complainers get their way?

Personally, I feel for the complainers insofar as I know what it’s like to contend with noise when I’m trying to sleep thanks to my former neighbors!  They used to think it was just fine to blare their car’s sound system well into the wee hours every night of the summer while they sat outside on their front deck drunkenly babbling OVER the sound of the music.  So, what did I do about it?  I moved – and now live in a quiet rural area where the noise level isn’t such a factor.

The point is, however, that I did move to a quiet area – not to Toronto’s Harbourfront!  And why did I not move to Toronto’s Harbourfront?  Among other reasons, because I would never be able to contend with the perpetual racket.

When you’re in the market to purchase a home, location is, as we all know, one of the most relevant issues to consider.  It only stands to reason that if you’re going to buy within a district like Toronto’s Harbourfront, you will inevitably have to be at peace with the fact that there will be no peace.  Noise, road closures and disruption will be a part of your life.  Once you’ve moved in and decide you can no longer cope, you do have the right to complain, but chances are, things around the area aren’t going to change dramatically.  And, judging by some of the accompanying comments to article, nor should they because of a couple of wet blankets.  Complaining loudly would be justifiable if you moved into a seemingly quiet neighborhood, and all of a sudden it became zoned for nightclubs and three were built within a stone’s throw of your home.  But, knowingly buying in an area renowned for its entertainment value and then whining and protesting the inevitable – that’s just dumb!

Let me know what you think – your comments are more than welcome.


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Doug Mack has been providing consulting and training services to the real estate industry since 2006. Specializing in computer related services and tools, Doug is the owner of DM & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in training and computer services to real estate, insurance and mortgage groups. Recently Doug founded online e realty, a firm specializing in Social Media.
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