Social Media is for Fostering Relationships, Not for the Hard Sell

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again…using social media for your business is all about client relationship management and development, not about making your pitch.  This is not to say that you won’t be using social networking as a means of marketing your business, because that is one of your chief objectives.  But, doing so strategically is what it’s all about. 

Your objective should be to market your business by way of communicating and engaging with your clients and prospective clients – not by way of aggressive, high-pressure sales tactics.  People don’t go on social media sites to be sold to – to stand in the face of proactive sales pitches.  They go on them to be informed, enlightened, engaged and even entertained.

Social media are a wonderful way to get your message out by making people want t

o interact with you and the services you have to offer.  Developing solid business relationships, building trust and maintaining transparency are concepts that will get you and your real estate business noticed on social media platforms.   There’s a reason, after all, that it’s called ‘social’ networking!  Social media marketing is not advertising – it’s public relations.  And as such, the best thing you can do for your real estate business is to take advantage of the fundamental social aspect of social media.

An elementary thing to remember is that you need to be there for your clients.  You want them to know that you care about them and that your service commitment to them does not end once you’ve made the sale or completed a deal.

Social media make this very easy to do.  It is in fact the very essence of social networking for business.  Always be available to your social networking community – let people know you’re there and that your online presence is customer-service driven.

The best way to do this is to check in often on all of your social networking platforms.  If you’re connected on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s a good idea to check your accounts daily for activity.  You want to respond to any questions, comments or complaints in a timely manner.  Never tell them why they need you, just ensure that you post relevant, need-to-know information often – information that you know people want and require.  This can be anything from cutting edge industry news to an anecdotal story that will be of benefit to people.

Clients and prospects need to trust you in order to do business with you.  And, what better way to gain their trust than to be indispensable to them – to be an industry leader, always ready with the answers and meaningful info!

If you have created a group on either Facebook or LinkedIn, ensure that you adopt a no spamming policy that that it is adhered to strictly, or you’ll find you don’t have very many members.  The key to a successful group is enlightening discussion.  Again, ensure that people are able to learn useful information from the discussions – not listen to Joe Blow promote his real estate business!

Spam and advertisements are of no value to the people in your social networking community.  If you’re unsure as to what, exactly, constitutes spam, the following definition by social media marketing blogger, Toby Marshall, sums it up nicely: “Any material posted on to a community (eg. Groups on LinkedIn) that is selling a product or service. This includes offers of free reports, free workshops, free videos etc. Extreme examples include multiple postings of the same sales material on multiple communities.”
I’ll add to that with: Any unsolicited and/or self-promoting advice or offers related to selling a product or service.

So, bottom line: Don’t be a nuisance on social media sites by being self-promoting or by spamming people with advertising. Do make sure that you provide a wealth of valuable information that people genuinely want to know on all of your social networking platforms. You’ll soon discover that this will go a long way toward lead generation and keeping your existing clients satisfied.


About online - e - realty

Doug Mack has been providing consulting and training services to the real estate industry since 2006. Specializing in computer related services and tools, Doug is the owner of DM & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in training and computer services to real estate, insurance and mortgage groups. Recently Doug founded online e realty, a firm specializing in Social Media.
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