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Like ‘Em or Not, They’re Here to Stay: Canada’s New Mortgage Rules

Plenty of mixed reaction ensued when Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, last week announced the new mortgage rules that are meant to avert the burst of the much deliberated “housing bubble” and to help Canadians lower soaring household debt. Effective July … Continue reading

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How and Why Tumblr Makes Blogging Easy

Tumblr is one of the coolest blogging platforms out there !  We recently began using Tumblr for the ‘Blogging’ segment of our Social Networking workshop, and I have to admit, I’m very impressed!!  I had been of the mind that … Continue reading

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How to Manage Your Time on Social Media to Strategically Market Your Real Estate Business

So many people mistakenly believe that a good social media strategy for their business is a total time suck and not worth the effort.  Not so!  If you are one of the people living under that misconception and not taking advantage of … Continue reading

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